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Seattle Part 10: A visit to my alma mater

Many people say, and many people would concur that the Spring and Summer in the Pacific Northwest is hard to beat. I remember being absolutely in love with the weather during those seasons and then absolutely hating it during the winters. In fact, it was the seemingly, perpetual gloom that convincingly made me return to sunny (and blazing hot) Southern California.

When my wife and I decided to visit Seattle, the weather decided to kindly remind us of how truly supreme it is. Combine the absolutely, sublime weather with the gorgeous backdrop of my alma mater, you’ll have a formula for an unforgettable experience.

UW-Rainier-View.jpgThis duck bridge was not around when I was scrambling to make it to class. I think it’s a great idea. The ducks loved Drumheller. Duck-Bridge.jpgJust a tiny sample of the architecture you’re eyes will feast upon when walking around campus. UW-Architecture.jpgA visit to the campus wouldn’t be complete without a visitation to “Hogwarts library” as it is unofficially known. Suzallo-Library.jpgOn the menu for the day was a local favorite, Thai Tom’s. It’s strategically located on the Ave, which is the main street located adjacent to the campus where you can find all the great eateries. I remember my first experience at Thai Tom’s. I don’t think I’ve ever had Thai food prior to that moment, but me being in college I thought that I might as well be adventurous and give it a try. It would be a decision that I would come to be very grateful for. It’s quickly and simply, prepared food that packs a boatload of flavor. It’s also very easy on the wallet, which is always a plus. You go in to a very cozy space, sit, order, and enjoy your well-crafted meal. Just be prepared to sweat, not only because of the heat level of the dish (1-5 stars), but mainly because of your proximity to the flames. Thai-Tom-Flames.jpgA Thai salad was one order of ours. To our surprise it came with some potato chips! It was sweet, salty, and spicy all-in-one. The sauce was freshly made on one of the burners, so it ended up being a warm salad. Thai-Salad.jpgGrill and serve it.Thai-Tom-Serving.jpgA scoop of rice alongside noodles with oodles of flavor is never a bad thing. Just note that there is no beef served at this restaurant. No problem though, because the chicken that they cook up here will do just fine. Pad Kee Mao | Pad See Ew.



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Comin’ back to Seattle (Go Hawks!) Part 1: Pike Place Market

My wife and I decided to go to Seattle for a mini vacation. She has never been, and I have wanted to show her around. We picked a great time to go because the weather was great (for the most part). I do have to admit that Seattle is one of the most beautiful cities that I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing. My heart will always be in Los Angeles, but my stomach will happily oblige to dine in Seattle.

It was five days of Seattle for us! I’m glad I get a chance to share with you some of the things that were seen and eaten!

I don’t think a trip to Seattle isn’t complete without a visit to Pike Place Market, which is the oldest farmer’s market in the United States. Sure it’s the ultra-touristy thing to do, but I did come back to Seattle, but I came back as a tourist this time. Pike-Place-Walkthrough

As you’ll see, we were greeted by a bright sun and blue skies…


This is where all the flying fish on TV come from.


We didn’t just come to Pike Place Market for the sights. We headed over to Beecher’s cheese for some of their absolutely awesome mac n cheese. It’s so good, they called it the “World’s Best” Mac N Cheese. That’s a mighty high claim, but I’ll have to concede that it definitely doesn’t disappoint. The cheese is rich and gooey. Beecher’s also serves up their Flagship, which is one of my favorite cuts of cheese. On rare occasion, I would spot some Flagship being served up in a Whole Foods Market. If you see it, grab it. You’ll be happy you did.


Piroshky Piroshky was featured on Anthony Bourdain’s show. We grabbed a smoked salmon pate filled piroshky (pictured) and a beef filled piroshky. The salmon one was great, but the beef one was too salty. Do yourself a favor and order ahead like the bag says. It’s good food, but not worth the crazy wait. Next door (or a few doors down, I don’t remember) there was a German deli. I didn’t take any pictures of it, but it seemed to be filled with some great German fare. I’ll have to visit them next time. Maybe, you should too!


There’s a big flower section within the market. Some amazing colors and compositions to be seen.

Some grilled salmon sounds good right about now…

Gum-Wall.jpgOf course it’s right after seeing food.

Blue skies turned to grey really quickly. At least it didn’t rain.Public-Market-Gloom.jpg

Next up…

We go to Un Bien!


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