Seattle Part 9: Bakery Nouveau + West Seattle Farmer’s Market

A double-baked almond croissant and a finely made latte is hard to beat on a beautifully sunny Seattle morning. Many almond croissants have been consumed from a number of different coffee shops in the Los Angeles in the hopes of finding an equal. I have to admit that I have not been successful. It’s hard to describe exactly how good one of these triumphs of baking really is. You see, it begins with an adventure in texture from the outer crust and crumbles of almond. You then ride the sweet wave from the powdered sugar and arrive at an explosion of almond flavor from the heart of the croissant itself. The innards are incredibly moist and perhaps even juicy. As you continue to chew and chew, you realize that you’ve arrived at bakery nirvana. Luckily, there’s another bite waiting for you (hopefully).

The croissant is probably the only thing that I’ve revisited every single time I’ve come back to Seattle. Trust me, it’s worth it. Double-Baked-Almond-Croissant.jpg

The only other breakfast food that may give eggs Benny a run for its money, in my book, is either a croque madame or croque monsieur. Bakery Nouveau has a perfect iteration of the latter as you’ll soon see. It’s ultra-rich and may be a little too much for some, admittedly. I really enjoyed it, however. The combination of bechamel, cheese, and perfect bread is hard to beat. Oh, it’s also really buttery, which doesn’t hurt. I want one right now as I’m writing this. I hope you’ll get to enjoy one the next time you visit!Croque-Monsieur.jpgMy wife went with the croissant sandwich that was filled with gruyere and turkey. When the bakery staff brings it out for you after being reheated, you can see the gruyere just oozing out and the turkey glistening, beckoning you to eat it. The croissant was flaky and airy in the center, which to me, is pretty much a perfect croissant. Turkey-croissant-with-gruyere.jpgThe only minor disappointment from my experience were the macarons offered at the bakery. I want to stress that they weren’t bad at all, but because I also had some from Honore Bakery, I had something to compare Nouveau’s to. Head to head, I would say Honore has the advantage. To me, the ones offered at Bakery Nouveau’s weren’t as moist and airy in the center. Some also were a little shorthanded in terms of its filling, as you’ll see in the photo. It’s a slight difference, but just enough to separate it in a bad way. Nouveau-Macaron.jpg

Bakery Nouveau has two locations in Seattle. The West Seattle location was featured in this post.

4737 California Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116

West Seattle Farmer’s Market

There was an incredible energy that you could feel as you walk around the farmer’s market. I’m sure the combination of the vibrant looking foods and handcrafted offerings had something to do with it. Oh, and not to mention the incredible weather. I really enjoyed seeing everything that was offered. It was also cool to see all the dogs out and about. I’m a huge dog person, so that was a nice treat to see all of them roaming about.

I have to admit that it was at this farmer’s market is where I tried kombucha for the first time. To this day, I don’t really know what it is exactly. All I knew going in, was that it is a hip, trendy, and quite literally a funky, fermented drink. I’ve smelled one iteration of it and I have to say that it smells like some feet that have ran through a marathon were dunked in some vinegar. Then, you were kicked with said feet in the nostrils. The ones I tried weren’t that pungent admittedly, but it still reminded you that you were about to partake in the kombucha. It was fairly good because it was flavored, but I don’t think it’s going to be a part of my regular beverage lineup.

Some things I captured were the amazing colors in the flowers that were being sold at the market. All throughout my trip in Seattle, I was mind-blasted by all the amazing flowers and colors dotted throughout the city. Another, was a mobile adoption truck. It was filled with cats to my dismay, but I thought the concept was awesome.


West Seattle Farmer’s Market – California Ave SW & SW Alaska

Every Sunday all throughout the year. 10am – 2pm


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