Seattle Part 2: Un Bien

So, I’m just gonna come out with it. Un Bien was not all that bueno in that it doesn’t live up to the hype. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not a bad sandwich. But, it also isn’t perfection. This statement is probably going to light a mighty fire from within you, but before you go on a rage fest, let me explain. I have to admit that the overall flavor of the sandwich is mighty pleasing. Some people may complain that it’s an absolute mess of a sandwich, but that’s not what grinds my gears about it. The big hunks of pork shoulder you get was actually dry for me. That lone fact was its Achilles heel. Everything else about it was great. The bread was toasted to perfection and soaked up all that flavor in its soft core. That aioli (or perhaps it’s a mayo flavor bomb) that finds itself as one of the sandwich layers does a fine job in boosting the flavor of the sandwich. And oh mah gah, those caramelized onions! The sandwich is sweet, savory, and mmm-mmm goodness all in one. But, one chink in the armor undid it all. And consider this, there are plenty of other amazing sandwiches in the city of Seattle. Rain Shadow Meats Squared serves up an absolute delight in between bread. Heck, so does Bakery Nouveau. And, let’s not forget Salumi. So, if there’s all that hype about a sandwich, it’s got to be perfect.


What? You want a close-up of the goodness? Sure!Sandwich-Closeup.jpg

Look at the bread. You can just see its crunch factor!Bread-Closeup.jpg


Un Bien – 15th Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98117



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