Seattle Part 6: Boat Street Kitchen

An absolute gem of a brunch spot. When you say “brunch”, I think “eggs Benedict”. I’m an absolute sucker for eggs Benedict. That moment when you take your knife and cut across the poached eggs to let out that sequestered liquid gold is what keeps bringing me back. So, when I learned that this place makes a good eggs Benny, I couldn’t turn down an opportunity to eat there. If you want to as well, make sure you make reservations. The eggs Benedict is customizable in that you can add whichever additional protein you want to it. I opted for the smoked salmon.

This take on a classic breakfast choice was sublime. Eggs were perfectly poached. The bread that supported it all was perfectly crisp. The smoked salmon rounded everything out and reminded you that you’re eating a perfect brunch in Seattle. The salad was well dressed and not too heavy. The sweet mandarins were a great ending to everything.



Julia-Childs-Boat-Street-cafe.jpgBoat Street Kitchen and Cafe – 3131 Western Ave, Ste 301, Seattle, WA


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