Seattle Part 5: Staple and Fancy

I have to apologize for not having enough pictures for this place. It was dinner and the restaurant is normally, dimly lit, which is never conducive for good photos. A good friend of mine joined us for dinner this night and was even kind enough to treat us out to Staple and Fancy’s tasting menu. I have to say that Chef Ethan Stowell’s thinking in the progression of this tasting menu was indeed well planned out. From the starter of prosciutto drizzled in rich olive oil to the end with what may be considered a modern take on a surf and turf was truly a great experience. On a side note, he also owns another restaurant named Tàvolata, which has an absolutely phenomenal happy hour. You’d be truly mad to miss that one. I hope to go back there and take some pictures for you all the next time around!

So, all I have for you is the main course of beef and fish. I’m a big beef person. I joke that I would be the saddest person in the world without meat. Ironically, I preferred the fish dish (halibut). It was light and tender, but flavorful. The fiddle heads also reminded me of Washington and also provided a nice textural element to the dish. It was the better executed dish because of how each individual element complemented each other so well. Of note, the only course that I didn’t like in the tasting menu was the salad course. It came out drenched in dressing. Additionally, it just didn’t impress.


Staple and Fancy – 4739 Ballard Ave NW
Seattle, Wa 98107


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