Seattle Part 4: Macrina Bakery + Kerry Park

Macrina is a big-name bakery in Seattle and rightly so. With a handful locations to choose from, my wife and I settled on the Queen Anne location. It’s the perfect pit stop before heading over to Kerry Park for some spectacular views. You can pick up some coffee and baked goods and head over there for a perfect picnic on a perfect Seattle day with your perfect somebody.

Banana nutella hand pie. Honestly, I was left wanting more. I thought there wasn’t enough filling and nutella. Banana, I think, is a strong flavor. The flavor combination of banana and nutella is clever, but just didn’t come through. What filling I did get, I thought was great. The crust was also very dry. Overall, I was sad afterwards.


I typically don’t eat scones for one primary reason: my mouth is left feeling like a desert. But this scone totally blasted my expectations. It wasn’t overly dry. Rather, the texture was just right. The cheese was perfectly married to the dill. Just the right amount of dill gave it the necessary tang to cut through the richness of the cheese. Oh man, was I pleasantly surprised by this one. You see it, you get this one. No question about it.


Macrina Bakery – 615 W McGraw St, Seattle, WA 98119

Kerry Park – Soak in the sun while you drench in the views



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