Wok BBQ + Fosselman’s

Today was a rainy day in Southern California. My mind was on food and food was on my mind. A friend of mine and I were supposed to get together to get some good grubbin around Monterey Park. Wok BBQ was suggested as it would be good for hot pot- something to warm the soul and fill the tummy. I do declare, this place was quite the satisfactory choice. It’s a fairly small place and very clean. Fortunately for me, my friend spoke immaculate Mandarin. All I had to do was decide on what to order and she would convey our desires.

So the process is simple. You order a stir-fry dish, which happens to be the main dish. Your order arrives onto your table in a wok carrying all your ingredients, which is placed onto a conduction cooker. I believe this was the first time that I ever tried something like this, and I have to say it was quite a fulfilling experience. Now, I have to admit that my spice tolerance is quite low, especially for a Korean, so the order came in not spicy. This was a regretful decision however, as the dish demanded some heat. Salty, savory, and sweet dominated the dish. Individual portions are then transferred over to your plate. Chili oil was then requested and added to the portion, which livened it up quite a bit. Once we had enough of stir-fry, we then opted for the wok to be transformed into a hot pot. Ingredients are ordered a la carte to spruce up the hot pot. We had ordered Chinese vegetables, egg dumplings (best described as mini-omelets filled with some meat), shrimp dumplings, spam (yes, spam), wide noodles, and tripe.

I do declare, the broth was quite delicious. The stir-fry sauce was allowed to reduce adding extra flavor to the broth. With the addition of the chili oil, the broth had reached its complete form, one that would satisfy, soothe, and conquer hunger like no other. The deep layers of flavor, full of complexity and richness definitely left me content and wanting more. I was beyond stuffed, yet the spoon kept digging for more and I was happy to oblige to accept.

A happy meal is not complete without a satisfying dessert. Fosselman’s is a great place to go as it’s a local spot, and they make great ice cream! I ordered a waffle cone filled with one scoop of cappuccino goodness. Was I still very full? Heck yes! But as they say, there’s always room for dessert. This place has been reviewed a lot I’m sure, so I’ll keep in short and sweet. The cappuccino flavor was spot on, and not too overpowering. I really enjoyed the creaminess of the ice cream. It was quite the good ending to a fabulous meal.


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